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Responding To Your Assumptions About Me | Part 2

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Hello hello.

It's been a while. Breaking the ice (again) by responding to your assumptions (part 2) and chillaxing with some gin.

Thank you for submitting your assumptions!

1. You give more than you receive
2. You prefer waffles over pancakes
3. You don’t like being short
4. You’re obsessed with TWICE
5. You feel more culturally aligned with the UK than Hong Kong.
6. You don’t like wearing jeans
7. You don’t change your gym shorts everyday
8. You’re secretly in love with husky caucasian men
9. You prefer the right side of your face.
10. You were unhappy for a long time but didn’t admit it. Now you’re more content than ever.
11. You are korean.
12. You try to be positive in front of camera but you’re not okay.
13. You want to get married again.
14. You’re a kind person but you don’t take crap.
15. You’re still somewhat angry, sad and hurt.
16. You hate cilantro
17. You never wear dresses anymore.
18. You can have nice things but you’re not materialistic.
19. There isn’t anybody you cannot forgive
20. You would never want a normal office job but you wonder what it’s like.
21. You don’t always practice what you preach
22. You were happier without kids
23. You wish you were more active in your career before you had kids.
24. You like asian men.
25. You don’t believe in astrology
26. You a patient person
27. You have good hair day everyday
28. You wish you travelled more.
29. You’re strong on the outside but not inside.
30. Your bubble tea order is with tapioca pearls, half ice, half sugar and large.
31. You have a young heart.
32. You wish Kyle were single.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Love, your friend Bubz xo

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