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Pokemon GO in Fukuoka | 福岡市でポケモンゴー

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My nerdiest video ever. I don't really play up my "Pokemon" loving side on Youtube or Social Media, but it was the pop culture phenomenon of my generation, so of course I was pretty excited when Pokemon Go finally made it's way to Japan.
I know this video is coming a little late after the trend, but it took a little while to figure out how I wanted to put this together.
I live in the countryside in Japan, and although I was excited for Pokemon Go's release just like everyone else in the world, I quickly realized all I would ever find in my area were Rattata, Pidgey, Venonat, Weedle, Caterpie, and the occasional Pinsir in my area...
Meanwhile my friends who live in the city were leveling up at an incredibly fast rate, and already filling up their Pokedexes! How!? Why is life so unfair? Is it really that different, playing Pokemon GO in the city?
The answer is YES! YES! YES!
I visited Fukuoka Tower, Ohori Park, Tenjin, Canal City, and Hakata, to see just how different the Pokemon were across the city. Which area had the best Pokemon? Watch the video to find out!
最近ポケモンゴーにはまっていますが、私が住んでいる田舎町に、ほとんどポケモンが出ません(ポッポとコラッタ以外はね)! 福岡市内に住んでいる友達の中で、すでにレベル20になっている人もいるし、それに珍しいポケモンいっぱい手に入れているようです。
都会と田舎そんなに違うもんですか?と思って、福岡市内でポケモンゴーやってみたら、やっぱり全然違いました! 福岡タワーから始まって、大濠公園、天神、キャナルシティー、と博多駅に巡ってみたけど、どんなポケモンが出たのかしら? ぜひ動画でみてください!
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