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Official Manga Trailer 2 | Moriarty the Patriot, Vol. 1 | VIZ

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Read a free preview of Moriarty the Patriot, Vol. 1: https://bit.ly/2TrPaoR

The show is about to begin! Will William James Moriarty's dreams turn him into a hero…or a monster?

Learn more about #MoriartythePatriot, Vol. 1:
In the late 19th century, Great Britain rules over a quarter of the world. Nobles sit in their fancy homes in comfort and luxury, while the working class slaves away at their jobs. When young Albert James Moriarty’s upper-class family adopts two lower-class orphans, the cruelty the boys experience at his family’s hands cements Albert’s hatred of the nobility he was born into. He asks the older of the two boys—who has a genius mind and a killer instinct—to help him rid the world of evil, starting with Albert’s own family!

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