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Nissan GT-R | R34 Skyline meets R35 GT-R (Litchfield) | Autocar Heroes

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Ah, the Nissan GT-R, formerly the Nissan Skyline GT-R. It's the perfect vehicle for another in our series of Autocar Heroes, in which we celebrate the latest in a long line of brilliant cars, alongside one of the cars that made it great. Subscribe now:
In this case, making it great is the Skyline GT-R from the late 1990s, the 'R34' variant. With four-wheel drive and a straight six cylinder engine making slightly more power than Nissan originally admitted, it ignited a generation's interest in fast Japanese cars thanks to its involvement in Gran Turismo on the PlayStation.
It's a lineage that's continued today in the R35 GT-R: no 'Skyline' any more and a V6 instead of a straight six, but other than that, the latest GT-R picked up from where its predecessor left off, and ran with it.
Join us as we celebrate these two brilliant Japanese supercars, see what links them, see how they stack up today, and wonder what an R36 might be like.
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