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NEW HAIR & 8 Month Tummy Tuck Update

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Hello everyone! How are you all?
After almost half a year, I’m so delighted to finally get my hair done again. Oh to sit on a salon chair for hours again. I figured it would be an opportunity to do a hair reveal alongside with my 8 month tummy tuck update.

My tummy tuck was definitely one of the best things I did last year. The scarring will take time to fade and while I’m optimistic that it will lighten and smooth out more, I have happily accepted I will always have a scar that will run hip to hip. The best thing about my tummy tuck is definitely the muscle repair.

I forgot to mention that sometimes when I lay on my tummy (especially left side), I do feel a little tugging in the tummy region. Never painful or too uncomfortable but I do feel the stretch so then I will change sleeping position. I will hopefully make a final tummy tuck scar update several months later.

As for my new hair, I LOVE IT!!! I feel so light and fresh with the shorter hair. I feel like I could definitely go even shorter next time. It’s basically a blunt lob with ash balayage if this helps.

As much as I adore my partner, please understand even though he is very excited to trial the hair growth system, he is still a very private person. Nonetheless, I hope it was a delight to catch him for the first and probably last time on this channel heh.

New video coming soon!

Have an amazing day everyone.

All my love,
Lindy xo

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