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Natural Beauty (Summer-Proof Makeup)

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Hello my daisies and butterflies!

Let's be honest. Who enjoys wearing heavy makeup during Spring/Summer? Not me.

No thanks to face feeling sticky and suffocated in the heat.
No thanks to foundation slipping and sliding off.
No thanks to smudged eye makeup.
No thanks to a melted face in general.

Today, I'm going just going to share how how I've been applying my makeup lately. I'm gonna call this quickie tutorial the 'Natural Beauty' look. I think it's pretty obvious that I am no natural beauty lol. It's all good because this look is all about keeping everything to a minimal but enhancing the natural beauty we all already have.

Less is more and it can really be a breath of fresh air. This summer-proof look is all about awakened bright eyes, flushed glowy cheeks and glossy pink lips. We're keeping the eyes simple and concentrating more on the lashes.

I've been wearing my makeup like this lately and Tim (who NEVER EVER compliments my makeup) complimented me!! still prefers my completely bare face but he did like how my makeup looked like I wasn't wearing much at all (bwahahaha). Double whammie. This is not just Hot Weather friendly makeup but also Boyfriend/Fiance approved too! Wohoo!

Full list of products used in this tutorial can be found in this post:

Have an awesome week everybody!

P.s- The New Bubbi brushes will officially launch on 20th May 2013!! Sorry it took so long for a confirmed date. We're SO EXCITED!!!!!!! Big giveaway coming up!! Stay tuned!!!

Pps. Yes, I am also tanner lol. Been out a lot more in the sun.

Ppps. Audio: IU You and I instrumental.

Much love, Bubz xx

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