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Move to Japan WITH WHOLE FAMILY - 家族全員と日本に移民するなら

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(字幕あり) Moving to Japan with your whole family, wife and kids is different than moving to Japan alone. Heres a video on some important things you need to think of.
A spouse or children of a foreign resident whom has a visa can get a KAZOKU TAIZAI VISA (dependant visa). If you are a studnet you can get this, but its even harder cause students can't work. You have to expect to have money saved to support your fam. Telling the goverment you will work part time on student visa wont be good enough.
Culture. Brining kids into Japan they will be exposed to Japanese culture. If they grow up here, they will know Japan. Japanese history, culture and language. If you take them out, they will have hard time catching up in new education.
Its like moving schools but 100000000x worse. You have to re-learn everything, if your kids don't speak the language of the country you can from, it will be even harder.
Or, moving into Japan you gotta make sure they can catch up with the other Japanese kids. Kids can't controll their life, so you have to make sure they can survive in the country you are IN.
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