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KEIKO / 【Official】1st Album『Lantana』-Trial listening/試聴映像-

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KEIKO 1st Album『Lantana』2020年12月2日(水)発売

<Track List>
01. Be Yourself (00:00〜)
02. 七色のフィナーレ [Nanairo no Finale] (01:57〜)
03. 始まりは [Hajimari wa] (04:22〜)
04. 茜 [Akane] (05:38〜)
05. 溜め息の消える街 [Tameiki no Kieru Machi](08:33〜)
06. Ray (10:09〜)
07. 夕顔 [Yugao] (11:42〜)
08. エンドロール [End Roll] (14:07〜)
09. Change The World’s Color (15:35〜)
10. 命の花 [Inochi no Hana] (17:24〜)


KEIKO, a member of the now-defunct three-member vocal group Kalafina, released her debut solo album titled "Lantana" on December 2, 2020.
From the first digital single release "Inochi no Hana", written by anime song legend Yuki Kajiura for KEIKO, to "Nanairo no Finale", for which KEIKO wrote lyrics, KEIKO became a solo artist, based on her past experiences, the "new KEIKO" is expressed in a wide variety of tones, based on the world view and charm of the original album "Lantana", you can also experience the gradual change of color of the songs, like the flower from which the album title is derived, all song viewing video released.

<Music&Lyric&Live Video>
・七色のフィナーレ -Music Video-:https://youtu.be/aiIaqBM3YAA
・命の花 -Lyric Video-:https://youtu.be/w7q4bSEcIO4
・Be Yourself -Music Video-:https://youtu.be/iezYnYqXHqg
・Ray -Music Video-:https://youtu.be/vk8aZPbWyZc
・始まりは -Music Video-:https://youtu.be/7DcPjYC-vac
・KEIKO First Live K001 ~I'm home~ -Teaser Video-:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCrvIvc6mhg

<Live Info>
KEIKO Live K002 **Lantana*咲いたよ**
日時:2020年12月16日(水) 開場18:00/開演19:00
会場:Zepp DiverCity TOKYO
HOT STUFF PROMOTION TEL 03-5720-9999(平日12:00~15:00)https://www.red-hot.ne.jp/play/detail.php?pid=py20557

Official HP:https://avex.jp/keiko-singer/
Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/keikostaff
YouTube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRr3yX9Kp5QVyr6JwxNnIJA

ソング- Song
KIEKO, Kalafina, 梶浦
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