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Japanese Language Lesson 18 - Te-form: Sentence Connection

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Please view previous lessons for additional vocabulary and grammar.

Lesson 18 utilizes the Te form of verbs that we demonstrated how to conjugate in Lesson 17. The first use of the Te form we will go over is for sentence connection, much like the english "and". Stay tuned for future lessons that will further expand on these ideas!


Example 1:

Ashita yunion sukuea ni ikimasu/あしたユニオンスクエアにいきます。/[I] will go to Union Square tomorrow.
Kutsu o kaimasu/くつをかいます。/[I] buy shoes.
Ashita yunion sukuea ni itte, kutsu o kaimasu/あしたユニオンスクエアにいって、くつをかいます。/[I] will go to Union Square and buy shoes tomorrow.
Kinou yunion sukuea ni itte, kutsu o kaimashita/きのうユニオンスクエアにいって、くつをかいました。/[I] went to Union Square and bought shoes yesterday.

**Note** te-form does not change for past or present tense

Example 2:

Tomodachi ni aimasu/ともだちにあいます。/[I] meet friends.
Koohii o nomimasu/コーヒーをのみます。/[I] drink coffee.
Tomodachi ni atte, koohii o nomimasu/ともだちにあって、コーヒーをのみます。/[I] meet friends and drink coffee.
Mearii-san wa raishuu ni atte, koohii o nomimasu/メアリーさんはらいしゅうともだちにあって、コーヒーをのみます。/Mary will meet friends and drink coffee next week.
Mearii-san wa raishuu ni atte, kissaten de koohii o nomimasu/メアリーさんはらいしゅうともだちにあって、きっさてんでコーヒーをのみます。/Mary will meet friends and drink coffee at a cafe next week.

Example 3:

Bangohan o tabemasu/ばんごはんをたべます。/[I] have dinner.
Eiga o mimasu/えいがをみます。/[I] watch a movie.
Eiga o mite, bangohan o tabemasu/えいがをみて、ばんごはんをたべます。/[I] watch a movie and have dinner.
Mearii-san wa kinou eiga o mite, bangohan o tabemashita/メアリーさんはきのうえいがをみて、ばんごはんをたべます。/Mary watched a movie and had dinner yesterday.
Mearii-san wa kinou nihon no eiga o mite, oishii bangohan o tabemashita/メアリーさんはきのうにほんのえいがをみて、おいしいばんごはんをたべました。/Mary watched a Japanese movie and had a delicious dinner yesterday.


Stay tuned for future lessons on the Te-form and more!

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