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Japanese Children’s Song Compilation - Oni no Pants, Donguri Korokoro + More - おにのパンツ、どんぐりころころ

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Those songs are very famous Japanese children's songs. Japanese kids like singing those songs at karaoke. If you want more, click here to listen to 10 more Japanese exclusive songs with printable lyrics ↧Read More↧
Want to instantly make a connection with any Japanese person you meet? Just hum those classic children's songs and you're sure to get a reaction! We selected for you the most famous songs, including:
Donguri Korokoro
Oni no Pants
Baby Shark
Usagi to Kame
Kirakira boshi
Omocha no ChaChaCha
Mori no Kuma-san
Odoru Ponpokorin
Gū Choki Pā de Nani Tsukurō
Kaeru no gasshō
Tontontonton Hige Jii-san
Challenge yourself! Use the Japanese you've studied up to this point and see how much you understand! If you've watched our Kana Challenge series you can try to sing along. Making the jump to real-life Japanese is a scary one, but friendly children's songs are a great place to start!
The simple lyrics make it easy and the catchy music makes it fun. Get all songs with the lyrics here
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