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JAPAN STORY - staff was gonna PUNCH my friend - 店員が友達を殴れようとした!

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My friend is the one who is taking care of complaining to the main company so theres no use to tell the companys name. If I did that I would disrespect my friend, as it would spoil his claim and complain to the company. I could also face being sued.
I didnt mention if my friends were foreigners, what colour their skin is. This is not an issue on racism. My friends were Japanese. I also dont have any reason to belive that the staff thought because I was there he was angry.
店員の言葉使いは悪いです。 私は、○○の職業研修を受けたので、お客さんに使う正しい言葉よく知ってます。 スタフがオーダーを確認しらず、勝手に「オーダー出ているよ」と悪い態度で言われた。優しいスタフがオーダー確認したら、やっぱり、最後のドリンク出てなかった。
The staff was wrong. I work at a restaraunt in a building, we learn about proper ways of dealing with customers. There are things you cant say to customers. there are proper ways to deal with customers and this person broke every rule of it. He didnt check if our drinks were not there, he assumed and called us liars. Then we assumed we would remember such long name of a drink that we never seen before. That is a no no in Japanese buisness.
酔っぱらい過ぎて、賞品の名前を忘れたわけではない。 カクテルの名前は、長くて、珍しいのもあるから、覚える訳がないでしょう。簡単な誰も知っているカシスオレンジみたいな名前ではなく、オリジナル名前でした。
We were not too drunk to remember the name, we were not that drunk. The name was original cocktail name, nobody could remember such name. Even if I am sober I can forget the name of the food i ordered. This was not a known drink, the name was long and original. Still even after reading the menu and everyone saying the name, I dont remember it. If I was to give you an example of what the drink sounded like . sweet upper sower doo. yeah see. Dont even know what that is.
If this happens to you
- Get the staffs name
- Get the name of store
- Get the staffs card if you can
- Complain to upper management.
- You can complain to police if you don't know what to do.
- Do not fight back
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