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Int-Ball Letter Vol. 2: Release on updated images of Kibo’s internal drone “Int-Ball”

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JAXA has disclosed “Int-Ball Letter” Vol. 2 in which the latest video of the Kibo’s internal drone on the International Space Station is presented. This time, we will introduce how Int-Ball checks its location and direction inside “Kibo”.
The Int-Ball project adopts an optical navigation technology called “Phenox” developed by the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the University of Tokyo, and body control using a 3-axis reaction wheel developed by the Research and Development Directorate of JAXA.
See here for further information on Int-Ball and the first disclosures of images:
See here for further information on the Miniaturized Attitude Control Sensors and Actuators in an All-in-one Module installed in the Int-Ball:
ドキュメンタリー - Documentary
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