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I WONT teach my kids English in Japan - 私の子どもに英語を教えません

(字幕あり) This video is deticated to all the people out there who speak 1 language, or don't speak English. Insulting people because the language they do or don't speak is not right. I don't agree with such behavor. Insulting parents for their NORMAL behaivors is not acceptable. If someone choses to teach their kids a foreign language, OR NOT, it shouldn't matter. Nobody is less =. Nobody is useless. Nobody is anything less. There is no such thing as a useless language.
Bilingual people monolingual people, trilingual people. What ever you wish to do. IT IS YOUR FREE CHOISE AND PEOPLE SHOULD RESPECT THAT.
I will live in Japan, my focus is on Japanese. If I speak Japanese daily, that is the language I will speak. I don't have kids, so I don't know which language they speak. I never thought about raising a bilingual kid, That is my choise, that is my life. Everyone is different, respect other people.
Not teaching your kids your native language doesn't mean you "HATE" it it just means you don't use it. And it certainly doesn't mean people should be disrespecting peoples choises.
MY NAME IS MIRA. I am a Youtuber from Tokyo Japan.
I make a lot of videos about Japan, so if you are interested, check them out.
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私はミラです。 東京に住んでいて、日本の紹介の動画をアップしています。よろしくお願いしま­す。
Video edit by : Adobe Premier Elements 12
Graphics created in : Photoshop CS5
Video taken on : PANASONIC HC-V620m
演芸 - Entertainment
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