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How to LEARN KANJI - The RIGHT way! - 漢字の正しい勉強方法

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(字幕あり) How to learn to read and write Japanese kanji, the RIGHT WAY.
- Don't learn kanji in books full of English
Kanji should be learned in Japanese. Kanji are building blocks to full words, and sometimes they can represent a full word alone. If the kanji doesn't represent a full word, you must learn words acociated with that kanji. Learning kanji in order, using Japanese children books you will be given a list of words you need to know with this kanji.
- Don't focus too much on the on and kun yomi.
You learn full words, not a bunch of readings. Readings wont tell you how to read each word, learning each word 1 by 1 will tell you how to read each word. Even adult Japanese people come accross words they don't know the reading everyday, such as station names. You will get a general idea and naturally remember all the readings of each kanji as you learn more words accociated with it.
- Don't try to have 1 English meaning for every kanji you learn.
Not all kanji have 1 meaning, kanji are building blocks to words, don't treat them as individual meanings put together to make words. When Japanese people look at words they don't split up each meaning of each character, they look at the whole word, and they see those images represent pronunciations, of a word, that word has a meaning.
- learn words with that kanji in it, when you learn a new kanji.
- always write the kanji over and over again
- not just vocabulary, but you want to put things into full sentences.
- Learn radicals, they will help you understand how Japanese is written and help you tell other people how to read the kanji, or understand when you ask someone how to write a kanji you don't remember how.
BOOKS I recomend
毎日のドリル 小学校1年漢字
If you can't read this, or can't read hiragana and katakana its too soon to start on Japanese books. Otherwise search this title in ebay or amazon to see if you can buy it online.
as well as 2-6 year kanji books from same company.
MY NAME IS MIRA. I am a Youtuber from Tokyo Japan.
I make a lot of videos about Japan, so if you are interested, check them out.
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