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Housewife in Japan - SAKURA MOCHI 桜餅を作ります 簡単レシピ

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(字幕あり) How to make Japanese sakura mochi, a common treat ate in the spring time ^^ 今年の花見に桜餅いかがでしょうか?うちで簡単に作れるよ^^
mochi rice もち米 mochi gome
sakura leaves さくらの葉っぱ sakura no happa
sugar 砂糖 satou
azuki beans あずき
- soak azuki in water over night to soften (if using canned azuki you don't need to do this)
- boil azuki for 2 hours or untill they are soft.
- when the water is gone and they are soft, squish them and add sugar.
- turn on the heat and let the sugar melt and the rest of water evaporate till it becomes a paste.
- kill the heat and let cool
-soak mochi rice in water for 1 hour to soften
-remove water boil mochi rice in water FROM the azuki beans
this will give the mochi a pinkish red colour. If you don't want to do this then just use regular water.
- after rice is done, squish it. It is best to leave some shapes of the rice to give it the authentic sakura mochi texture.
- wash the salt water off the sakura leafs
- let sakura leaf stand in water for 30 mins and then dry it
TIP: Wet your hands when handling the mochi, it will stick to your hands and you wont be able to form a mochi shape
TIP : it is best to make SMALL mochi shapes, too much rice and it will fall all over the place and be a mess.
Wet your hand and grab some mochi, with your finger press a hole in it and put some anko inside. Close it off and then wrap the sakura leaf in it.
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