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Hot Version 114 is now available for rent on Vimeo

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HV 114 is now available on Vimeo rentals.

We kick things off by kicking the tires on Tsuchiya's reborn Hachi Roku. Tec-Art spent countless hours building a new engine and installing a fresh suspension. Will the Drift King's 86 have what it takes to regain the Touge Monster crown?
Since we're already at the Touge we get Lexus, Subaru and Nissan to bring their best works machines. Can a "tuned" car from an OEM compete at Gunsai?

Later on we join Keiichi Tsuchiya and Spoon founder Ichishima-san at a festival dedicated to the Honda NSX.
HV shows you the best cars at the festival and also wheel to wheel racing.

To wrap things up we take you to the season finale of the Drift Muscle series. Drivers from D1 have decided to crash the party and try and upset the reigning points leaders. Will they succeed?Free releases start in mid December.
カー - Car
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