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H3ロケットフェアリング分離放てき試験/H3 Fairing Separation Test

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The H3 Launch Vehicle is Japan’s new mainstay rocket with high flexibility, high reliability, and high cost performance. Through comprehensive analyses of user needs, we are now building an "easy-to-use rocket." On December 17, 2019, a fairing separation test was conducted at the Harima Works of Kawasaki Heavy Industries in Hyogo Prefecture. The fairing, attached to the top of a rocket, protects a satellite inside from the extreme pressure and heat during flight through the atmosphere. This test successfully demonstrated that the new fairing for H3 was split apart as planned by activating the separation mechanism in the same manner as in actual flights. Together with Japanese companies, JAXA will continue to make an all-out effort to develop the H3 Launch Vehicle with the aim of launching its first flight in JFY 2020.
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