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GAIJIN TIPS #17 - Japanese OMIYAGE/Souvenir Culture - 日本のお土産の文化

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(字幕あり) 日本は特別のお土産の文化があります。 Japan has a very special Omiyage culture which is souvenir that you have to buy for people when you go on a trip
Not only should you give presents to your family and friends but if you work for a company and go on a buisness trip you need to give a present to your coworkers and boss. This can suck, wallet wise, but its something you also look forward to in return because people will give you omiyage. The more friends you have the more omiyage you will get. Not only that but one pack of omiyage can be shared among friends, so even if your friends get some omiyage, they might share with you. Through the year you can find yourself eating from all over Japan various yummy foods without even having to leave the city you live in ^^
MY NAME IS MIRA. I am a girl who moved from Toronto, Canada to Tokyo Japan.
I make a lot of videos about Japan, so if you are interested, check them out.
You also should check out my facebook, twitter and blog :)
Video edit by : Adobe Premier Elements 11
Graphics created in : Photoshop CS5
Video taken on : PANASONIC HC-V620m
演芸 - Entertainment
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