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FUTURE BOYZ / If There Was No You (MUSIC VIDEO) ‘starring Hikari Mori 森星'

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FUTURE BOYZ ""If There Was No You (MUSIC VIDEO) ‘starring Hikari Mori 森星'""
If There Was No You (Produced by Remo-con, Matthew Tishler and Andrew Underberg)
Starring Actress: Hikari Mori 森星
Director: Sayaka Nakane [N.E.W]
Photographer: Makoto Okuguchi [TSUJI MANAGEMENT]
Executive Producer: Ippei Ishibashi [AOI Pro.]
Assistant Producer: Tomohiro Kanzaki [AOI Pro.]
Stylist: Toshio Takeda [MILD inc.]
Styling Support: Shogo Yanagi [FAKE SHOWROOM (FAKE TOKYO)]
Hair & make: Jun Matsumoto [TSUJI MANAGEMENT]
Studio at 109
The new generation unit by thisisWAYNE and iamSHUM.
FUTURE BOYZ concept in ""Send our music, no matter who you are”
Genre of mixing Electro and Dubstep.
FUTURE BOYZ means ""The men who creates new music, sound, fashion, and culture"".
iamSHUM, thisisWAYNE の 2 人による新世代 EDM シンガーデュオ。L.A.、ドイツ、シンガポール、 東京を拠点とする国内外のトップ・クリエイターとコラボレーションし、ワールドデビュー! メロウ系から Party な RAP 曲まで、全曲英語詞の EDM をベースにしたテン年代の 世界水準ニュー・エレクトロ・サウンドで世界を魅了。 ヴィジュアル、ファッションも半歩先を行く“FUTURE”感満載のカルチャーを世界に発信!!
ソング- Song
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