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FAKY / Better Without You Dj Yummy Remix

FAKY / Better Without You Dj Yummy Remix

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rhythm zoneから、ニューガールズグループ"FAKY"発表!!
FAKY(fei:key)!! Upcoming new girl group from the "rhythm zone" label (avex group)!!

Anna (アンナ)、Lil' Fang (リル・ファング)、Mikako (ミカコ)、Diane (ダイアン)、Tina (ティナ)のメンバーで構成される東京発"リアル系"5人組ガールズグループ。グルー­プ名である"FAKY (フェイキー)"とは、"Five Ass Kicking Youngsters (5人のヤバい若者)"、"FAntastic toKYo (ファンタスティックな東京)"の略でもあり、"東京"、"リアル"をキーワードに、­今の東京ひいては日本の女子を代表する存在になるという意味が込められている。また、­自らを"FAKY=FAKEのよう""と名乗ることで、現在の音楽シーンの中で逆説的に­""リアル""を体現するグループを目指すという意気込みも表現している。


FAKY (fei:key) is a 5 member girl group consisting of Anna, Lil' Fang, Mikako, Diane and Tina who represent the 'real girls' of Tokyo. The name FAKY was created by combining the two words ""FAntastic + toKYo"" and also stands for ""Five Ass Kicking Youngsters"". The group was formed based on the theme of 'Real' and 'Tokyo' with the goal of expressing the culture, music and the lives of real Tokyo girls. The name FAKY was originally derived from the word 'FAKE' to challenge themselves to bring something new and real to the Japanese music scene.

FAKY consists of bilingual members as it looks to expand its reach outside of Japan as the next generation girls group from Tokyo. FAKY's message is for girls to ""do what they want, the way they want"" as that is the FAKY's way of life.

FAKY will make its official debut in 2013 as a dance & vocal group that stands atop the J-POP scene to provide the world with a fusion of world-class music and the fashion and culture of Tokyo.
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