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Emotional Catch Up | How We Met

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Hello friends!
It's been a while since we did a little Q&A so I asked you guys to send in some questions for a long overdue catch up.
Although mostly edited out, I actually cried quite a few times during this video and I was surprised how emotional I got. Mind you, there's nothing wrong with crying and it did feel so good to release. It truly did feel like a real catch up with friends. This day meant a lot to me because it felt so good to talk about the new chapters in my life. I know you guys really do root for my growth and happiness. I love you guys...

Your questions:
How are the dogs doing?
What is the hardest and nicest thing about being a single mum?
How is it like dating a caucasian?
Favourite scent or lip product lately?
Tips for single mums with young kids
Where and how did you meet Mr Lumberjack.
What are some relationship red flags?
What are some new things you are learning about yourself lately?
Do you have tips for dating during a pandemic?

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As always, stay safe and well!
Love, Lindy xo

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