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Ear, Nose & Throat DOCTOR in JAPAN - 耳鼻咽喉科

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(字幕あり) What it is like going to the doctors in Japan. The eat nose and throat doctor that is ^^
Ear nose throat doctor is
耳鼻咽喉科 jibiinkouka
If you have a sore throat you can go to either naika (内科) or this throat doctor. naika is a general doctor that deals with internal issues.
when you go to the doctors you will present your insurance card, if you dont have one its because you are a tourist, or haven't signed up for national health insurance which is required by Japanese law. You will wait, doctor will call you in, you in and out and wait by the okaikei お会計 which is where you pay and get prescription paper. then you have to get your drugs at a pharmacy which is usually near by. You will have to present your insurance card again to the pharmacy. The visit and drugs cost me about 10$ each this time, but usually for throat problem its under 5$.
ear - mimi
nose - hana
throat - nodo
cough - seki
feaver - netsu
sneeze - kushami
hurt - itai
flem - tan
swelling - hareru or swollon hareteiru
I am Mira. Spreading the wonders of Japan to the world. ミラです。日本のことを全部教えてあげよう^^
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