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BUYING SHOES IN JAPAN (womens) - 日本で靴を買う (女性版)

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(字幕あり) How to buy shoes in Japan. What sizes of shoes do they have. Can you buy shoes with big feet? Are shoes hard to find in Japan? what styles are popular. How much are shoes here. All questions will be answered.
Average sizes most stores have 22-25cm
most common and ideal size 23-23.5
S M L sizes depend on store, each store actually has a difference so you just gotta try it on.
Boots are for winter
Sexy and tall boots (hooker boots) are not conciedered hookerish, and are completely normal.
Heels are intencivly common
Running shoes are just what they are, running shoes, made for sports or hiking. Its not a common choice for people to wear daily.
Cheap shoes are, cheap. They will break easy and fall appart. In Harajuku theres lots of shoes for 20$ or 15$ (they are CRAP! don't waste your money please!). Not only can they break easy, but they often rub your feet and hurt them. 109 shoes ( the shoe stores on bacement floor) are also not very good. I don't know about quality of the heels, but I have bought shoes from there in the past and they fall appart very easy, they also were never very comfortble at all, even though I paid 90$ :/ I think they are expensive for the crappy quality. Though the individual 109 stores do have better quality shoes.
Quality means it lasts longer, you can walk properly and don't have to run into problems. My boots (originally 400$) were bought used, they are probably over 4-7 years old when I got them (old model not made), and I have had them for 4 years! They were in rought shape inside when I got them, but have still mannaged to stay together!! The condition has hardly changed, which tells me that they are probably really really old to begin with. All other shoes I have that were originally over 200$, all are excelent condition, not breaking not hurting my feet at all. So really think about this when buying shoes. If you can't afford original price, then used stores can really save you money.
The store I go to is treasure factory. My fav location is Funabashi, Chiba, Machida, Tachikawa and Minamiosawa
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