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blank paper / 「What is blank paper?」

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その音楽はあらゆる効果を超越した気分を得られ、『bpm=blank paper medicine』と呼ばれる。
blank paperのメンバーは"C45P3R"と"T3R354"以外は公表されていない。
The 21st Century…
is what we now enthusiastically refer to as
the metaverse.
The word is coined by combining “meta”, which signifies varying dimensions
with the word “universe” meaning space,
allowing the word to have the meaning of alternative space or world
Here’s a certain country’s “Future Prediction Research Facility”
The members completed a top-secret metaverse resembling this world,
and named it “Earth Twin,” or “ET” for short.
Meaning another world, the same world as this
has emerged virtually.
On ET, there is the same amount of land and sea as the real world,
the same number of countries, cities, towns, and villages.
There are virtual humans there, who have been programmed to live a certain way.
There is around the same amount of sunshine, the same amount of rain.
But, there is one difference…
Only time has been constructed differently.
That is, time passes 100 times faster there than in the real world.
The present comprises of 2022 years;
but ET is already entering the 23rd Century.
I want you to imagine it … The world 200 years ago.
It is the beginning of the 19th Century.
No matter where you look,
the freedom and equality we now know do not exist.
The primary mode of transportation is not by rail or automobile but by horse.
The age of crossing the sea on an airplane was like a dream within a dream…
In Japan, it was still the era when samurai wore their swords on their hip.
In the span of 200 years,
how huge was the change that caused such havoc on the world?
If we look at the past, we can find out.
At the same time, the world 200 years from now,
and just how different the world will be from now,
can be understood as well.
In terms of the ET created, it was not just one ET that has emerged.
There are many versions of it, with various simulations.
It has been said that there are over 1000 virtual futures in existence.
There is a version where economic activity has been prioritized, leading to advanced environmental pollution.
Or a future in which a great world war has occurred with an imminent danger of extinction.
With most of the dismal ET progressing towards their demise,
only future number 534, which incurred a great world war and environmental pollution,
has miraculously revived its future.
Version 534 (five-three-four)’s world was saved
by an A.I.
When the government received this report,
they quickly and secretly decided to launch the beta version of the A.I.,
with the goal of implementing it in the real world.
Code Name: blank paper
The common name of the entity that saved ET version 534 (five-three-four).
And now…
blank paper has flown out of the virtual world
to begin its activity.
And, in addition …
They’ve begun producing a musical medicine called SOUNDRUG
which saved this world and the other worlds.

blank paper
At that time, not a single person living in the real world
knew what happened to Version 534 (five-three-four)
later in the 25th Century.
So, they …

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ソング- Song
blankpaper, ブランクペーパー
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