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Hello my cutie starfishies!

I've just been uploading tutorials lately and to be honest- tutorials can be a bit boring right? At least I wanted to feel like doing something different anyways. I've been meaning to catch up with you all so here is a new ASK BUBZ video.

Your questions are very important to me. I asked you guys to send in your questions and instead of answering them randomly- I will segment them in videos so they relate to each other (e.g. Skincare, Makeup, Relationships, Random etc).

Today, I'm answering your UPCLOSE & PERSONAL questions ^.^

1. How do you deal with people judging you?
2. If you can change yourself physically, what would you change?
3. How do you get so confident?
4. Any advice for teen girls trying to achieve their dreams?
5. How do you deal with jealousy?
6. Any advice for somebody who's being bullied?
7. How do you deal with youtube fame & success?

The next ASK BUBZ video is going to be on BEAUTY so please ask your beauty related questions in the comment section. I'll pick out the most answered/thumbed up ones or ones that might be most helpful.

I get asked a lot of the same questions so its easiest to answer them in a form of a video. I hope you guys enjoyed catching up with little me. Maybe we can make it a Sunday thing?

I actually filmed this while I was doing my house chores so I really enjoyed it because I felt like I was just talking to an old friend whilst doing my errands.

Granny Bubz landed in Hong Kong today so I'll be spending some quality time with her in her village whilst catching up (on Bible reading) with Papa Lord. Have a wonderful week guys.

Much love,
Your friend Bubz xx


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