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A Traditional Minpaku Homestay in Okinawa 沖縄で民泊してみた!

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Minpaku! A short-term traditional "homestay experience", not only enjoyed by foreigners but also young travellers looking to explore their own country of Japan. :)
For the past year I've travelled around Kyushu (and Okinawa) with Asahi Newspaper and Kyushu Broadcasting for a project called "Kyushu Marugoto Tokku" where we find interesting things that are happening in remote places in each prefecture, and report about it in print (newspaper) and media (radio interview and report). ( the report for this segment is here: )
ANYWAY, for Okinawa we were focused on non-traditional ways of touring the island. Although this might seem "traditional" to a foreigner, most Japanese tourists would prefer to stay in a hotel when travelling. The concept of Minpaku is for those who wish to have a full cultural experience, and while younger travellers often opt to experience it, the older (Newspaper and radio crowd especially) might prefer the comfort of their own space. That's why, part of our job involved experiencing minpaku first hand, so we could write and report about it, encouraging people to try it. Again, making a video was not required, so this is not a sponsored video, just one I chose to make out of this particular experience. (Other videos I've opted to make through this job include "Abandoned Japanese House" and "Cardboard Elementary School.") ;p
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