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2011 Girls' Generation Tour (2011 소녀시대 투어) _ Press Conference (기자회견)

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♬ Enjoy everything about '2011 GIRLS' GENERATION TOUR'♬ FACEBOOK SMTOWN : http://www.facebook.com/smtown♬ FACEBOOK GIRLS' GENERATION : http://www.facebook.com/girlsgenerationEvent = '2011 Girls' Generation Tour' official press conferenceWhen = July 24th, 2011 at 02:30pm (Sunday)Where = Gymnastics Stadium in Olympic ParkQ1. Feelings about performing in Korea after a long timeTaeyeon : "We came back for the concert in Korea after holding 14 Arena Tour concerts in Japan. We are very excited to meet Korean fans again. We are looking forward to today's concert as well."Q2. The key point which we should pay attention toTiffany : "It's been a long time since we had the first tour (December, 2009) and we've gained a lot of experiences in the meantime. So I think the performance became more mature."Yuri : "We will perform using wire and lovely boat so it will be great if you look forward to it."Q3. Please tell us about each member's unit stagePlease watch the performance through the concert or video~!Q4. Difference between 1st and 2nd concert in KoreaTaeyeon : "Obviously, we were very nervous at the 1st concert. However, I think we are actually enjoying the stages this time and I believe this is the reason why fans can go wild during the concert. Maybe it's because we already experienced 14 Arena Tour concerts in Japan."Sunny : "I think we are a bit relaxed on the stage now."Q5. Feelings about the overseas fansSunny : "We feel a delightful and novel sensation by overseas fans and I think this is the reason why we can perform better stages. I really hope we can meet with overseas fans more often. Thank you all!"Q6. The reason why you (Girls' Generation) shed tears during the concert yesterdayYoona : "While we were singing the song 'Complete,' fans were holding papers in their hands which had a sign that says 'we missed you!' all together. We were so touched at that moment and couldn't stop crying. We want to say thank you to our fans for giving us a great opportunity to enjoy the concert as one!"Q7. Feelings about the 'flashmob' which were held worldwide and things that Girls' Generation can do for those fansSooyoung : "We are very thankful for that and we wish we can visit each country and hold a concert to share the moments and music with fans worldwide."Q8. Why do you think Girls' Generation is being loved in overseas countries?Sooyoung : "SM's producing system cooperates with global producers, dancers etc. so I think our performances and music are familiar to world fans. And also, I believe characteristic of each member is being loved in overseas. Especially we want to thank all the staff who supports us very hard throughout the producing procedure."Q9. The first Japanese full album, which was released on June 1st, is still on 2nd place of the Oricon chart. What is the secret of being loved for a long time?Seohyun : "I think Japanese fans received energy and impression through direct communication during the arena tour concerts which were held for 14 times in Japan. We will try hard to hold a lot of stages and try hard to communicate directly with overseas fans."Q10. How do you feel when you see fans of all ages?Sunny : "I think we should perform more music which can entertain audiences of all generations continuously and it's true that we receive much energy on the stage from them."Q11. Who is the most memorable overseas fan?Taeyeon : "I remember a gentleman from SMTOWN concert in Paris. I think I saw him in TV shows several times. He had Yoona's name written in Korean on his T-shirt."Q12. How did you feel after watching interview of overseas fan who said "I was happy to be in Girls' Generation's country?"Yuri : "We felt really amazing and were very glad to see that. I also heard that they came for the concert today. I hope we can give them energy through our music by singing in front of them."Q13. Do you have any plans to hold concerts in Singapore? And about 70 Singaporean fans visited Korea for Girls' Generation's concert. How do you feel about this?※ Tiffany answers in English through video.Q14. A comment for Taiwanese fansSooyoung : "We are very grateful to Taiwanese fans. The concert in Taiwan, which we received a special event from Taiwanese fans, was so memorable. I hope we can hold an Asia Tour concert in Taiwan so please give your much support for Girls' Generation!"Q.15. Closing speech of '2011 GIRLS' GENERATION TOUR' press conference.Taeyeon : "We thank all the reporters for coming. We will try our best to show great performance like we did yesterday."
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