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181112 雪吊りができるまで 兼六園 金沢 HOW TO MAKE 'YUKITSURI' KENROKU-EN,KANAZAWA,JAPAN ญี่ปุ่น

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2018 Nov. 12 金沢 兼六園
○ 金沢初冬の風物詩、雪吊りのできるまで。
 作業は1ヶ月前から始まり、樹木毎に必要な本数の縄を必要な長さに切り揃え支柱の上部に縛り付けていく。 この松の場合は180本の縄が用意された。
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○ Kanazawa 's early winter weather, until we can snow hang.
In the city facing the Sea of Japan, the winter in Kanazawa is severe.
The pride of Kanazawa, and one the most famous Japanese garden, "Kenroku-en".
Build uprights at the center of the tree so that precious wood in the garden can withstand the weight of the snow, prepare for harsh winters hanging countless branches extending in all directions.
 We call this technique "Yukitsuri" or "snow hanging".
This video recorded the whole story of a single pine snow hanging work, "Yukitsuri".
The preparatory work, starts from one month before the installation work,
cutting the necessary number of ropes for each tree to the necessary length and binds it to the upper part of the support column. In the case of this pine tree, 180 ropes were prepared.
It is up to the experience of the craftsmen to decide which part of the branch to connect the rope with.
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