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沖縄の海をストリートビューする。 Explore the ocean in Okinawa with underwater Street View.

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Google は、The Ocean Agency の協力のもと、沖縄の海のストリートビュー画像を 2016 年 11 月に撮影し、公開しました。色とりどりの美しい海の自然から珍しい海底地形、そして高水温が続いたために白化したサンゴも見ることができます。さあ、沖縄の海の中を覗いてみましょう。
Google took underwater Street View imagery in Okinawa in November 2016 and published it with cooperation of The Ocean Agency. You can enjoy from colorful and beautiful nature of the ocean to unique seafloor topography. And you can also see the corals affected by coral bleaching as the ocean temperature has stayed high for months in 2016. Let’s dive to the ocean in Okinawa.
The image where Mr. Ohori was teaching was taken during an education program held by Ministry of Environment to provide opportunities for children in Ishigaki island, Okinawa to learn about the coral and the environment issues with the coral reefs.
ドキュメンタリー - Documentary
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