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[いつも仲間と!] Pets, Aquariums, Magic Boxes in Hakone 箱根の魔法の箱

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週三回配信しています @ http://b.nestle.co.jp/entertain/tv2/ !

Hakone! They say that every Japanese person visits Hakone once in their life. One of the biggest tourist destinations for locals--Hakone is famous for it's natural hot spring, and black eggs! The sulfur in the water reacts with eggs, turning the shell black. They say if you eat a black egg, your life will extend by 7 years. :)

Hey guys, so I'm currently working on a creative team that makes online videos and contents for Nestle Japan. (Yeah, they have an entertainment section of their website and where they broadcast exclusively designed web content. Surprising right?) They let me make video blogs about the entire journey, so for the next little while I will be uploading one work-blog a week, every Friday. This won't effect my content. If you're interested, please watch. If you're not, don't sweat it.

PS, these videos are not monetized. :) You will not see any ads in or around or on or before this youtube video.


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I use a Canon Kiss X5 and the standard EFS 18-55mm Lens to shoot all of my videos. ビデオブログで使うカメラは、キャノンのKISS X5と、基準のEFS 88-55mmレンズです。

Please watch: "How To Make Japanese Nabe | カレー鍋を作ってみた"
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