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「KEREN」Spot 30sec

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KEREN is a word that refers to strange performances in the Kabuki world.
Traditionally, it was a negative word, referring to being gimmicky and using deception within the performance.
KEREN is a performance that combines dance, swordsmanship, sword fighting, kabuki, traditional Japanese dance, and other traditional art.
Through modern performances, state of the art music, and both traditional Japanese analog stage equipment and the world's most advanced multimedia equipment, KEREN will show a fresh take on what Japan is all about.
Moment Factory, a world-renowned image creation team, has developed this brand new exciting nonverbal, nonstop show which both Japanese and foreigners can enjoy!
Ticket price (all seats specified)
S Seat: Adult 7,500 yen Child 3,000 yen
A Seat: Adult 5,000 yen Child 2,000 yen
Screenplay / Director: Tetsuro Takahira
Choreographer: Baayork Lee
Tap Choreographer: HIDEBOH
Action Scenes: Shimaguchi Tetsuro (Kengishuu Kamui)
Stage Direction: Muromachi Akane
Music: Senba Kiyohiko / Kousu Daisaku
Video Content Creator: Moment Factory
Advertising: Tadanori Yokoo
Organized by Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Planning / Production: Yoshimoto Creative Agency
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