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We, GU12 know that you are working hard to win the TPL title. Every time you are playing in matches you are not only fighting within it but the also other pressures involved, but you have managed to succeed everytime. Other teams have played less than 35 games this season, but you have to play in 4 competitions, which currently total up to 56 games. We are so proud of you, regardless of the result of the match you are our heroes. This last game at home on the 3rd of November we know that we have already won the title, but we believe that you will put in the same hard work as you have done throughout the season for the victory you deserve and for us fans. We will win the TPL title unbeaten, and we will be the Champions beyond Champions.

For all of the supporters that have payed money to watch the game today, they want to see us play with more than 100%. Even though we have already won the TPL title, we have to play like the Champions beyond Champions for the Buriram United fans. I want you to know that you have to fight to the death for the fans who have supported us throughout the whole season.
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